About me

I live in Brasília - DF, Brazil, my professional training is in administration and my first contact with art was in 2004 with Woodson Mackelly and Jether Peixoto at Atelier of the Arts House in Salvador, Bahia. Already in Brasília continued to take courses in the M&M Workshop. Enriching my knowledge and still exploring the Mixed techniques, texture and colors. I have participated in national and international exhibitions. My works range from academic to Contemporary.

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Next Exhibition

  • May 26, 2015 - Solo: "Natureza Sublime" (Sublime Nature) - Brasília/DF - Brazil

Show de Bola


This  is a itinerant socio-cultural project aims to show the culture  through the arts around the world.

Nothing better to represent this union of people than through a stylized globe . The artist will express his or her own art in this world theme will be: "Show the beauty of your country." The project aims to spread the mounted ball as a circle hanging in the wall in Miami at this time. A true "Show de Bola," where the art created and made ​​by artists - using many different techniques –It will be displayed on strategically and  important Cultural spaces. All part of a great game for the dignity of life. A large concentration of these unique pieces - they will get attention of the press,  so that there is a wide dissemination of the facility and the message it carries on. 

    • Next show Show de Bola Dallas - October 17th-30th

Past Exhibitions with "Show de Bola"

    • 2014 - Centro Cultural Martha Watts - Piracicaba/SP - Brazil
    • 2014 - Centro cultural Justiça Federal - Rio de Janeiro/RJ - Brazil
    • 2014 - Biblioteca Alceu Amoroso Lima - São Paulo/SP - Brazil
    • 2014  - Spectrum Miami 2014  - Miami/FL - USA
    • 2015 - ArtexpoNY – Manhattan/NY - USA
    • 2015 - B.AGL – Berlin - Germany

Past Exhibitions

  • 2008 – Coletiva no Restaurante da CGU – Controladoria Gerald a União – Brasília/DF
  • 2008 – Individual no Seminário da Mulher (CRA) no Auditório do Hotel Kubitscheck Hotel – Brasília/DF
  • 2008 – Individual - Mostra no Salão Márcia Vieira – Brasília/DF
  • 2012 – Women In Art 2012 – New York/EUA
  • 2012 – Brazilian Festival Weekend (Brazilian Day) – New York – EUA.